About ARL

Amber Rhodes-Lapoint Photography was launched in 2009 in Memphis, Tennessee (formerly in Jackson, TN).  I specialize in Fine Art Photography and Documentary Wedding, Elopement & Boudoir Photography.  Though I’m not a Memphis Native, I consider Memphis home – it isn’t for everybody, but the 901 speaks to me.

OH, and did I mention? I think you are a total badass.


If asked to slay a dragon, I’d bring it home as a pet.

Here is the “about me” portion of this page.  Hi, I’m Amber and I’m awkward. And maybe a little quirky.

I’m a happily married weirdo and dog-mom to four doggos (fast fact: I’m always covered in dog hair).  I’m an empath by nature and I strive to invest in people and learn their stories – this helps me connect with my art and showcase connection behind the couples I photograph.  I’m a total hippie, politically and realistically.  I’m cool with it. I have 14 tattoos, one of them is a Harry Potter tattoo and one is a a half sleeve (I will happily show you all of them, I’m super proud of my body art!).  I can discuss existentialism with you while pulling in pop culture or otherwise obscure references that are relevant to the conversation – I think this is a good skill to have. I follow my intuition 99% of  the time, I’ve found that voice to be true more often than not. I can crack a mean dad joke, and I love puns. I’ve lived in Memphis for 9 years, and have been a wedding photographer for almost 11! As a big bob’s burgers fan, I embrace my inner quirky turkey and so should you. #Embrace your weird.

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“I think too much. I think ahead. I think behind. I think sideways. I think it all. If it exists, I’ve f*&king thought of it.”

– Winona Ryder

My work: As far as the style of my imagery goes, I strive to make my art reflect a rich and contrasted feeling. I loooovee warm tones and natural spaces to compliment the inner and outer beauty of my couples. My working style includes naturally posed and candid moments. I believe in real smiles & real laughter, and will prompt accordingly to achieve moments that are true to you. I love to have fun with my couples and chances are I’ll make a whole lot of bad jokes along the way! I’m very hands-on and not afraid to take charge, but I always keep the vision of my client’s in mind so that the resulting images are sure to be treasured for decades.

Do you want to know more?

I’m married to Dan – we are both complete nerds.  We’ve been together a little over 12 years and counting. He is my best friend.

I understand why people want to document things – life can be so unforgiving and short, I firmly believe that we must cherish the time we have with the one’s we love.  I want documentation of my life with my husband and our 4 dogs, because I know that can and will change over time.  Wedding photography is about that for me.  I want to document your life, and create art that represents this fleeting time in your life.

P.S.  Don’t be surprised if you see me crying at your wedding, cause 99% of the time it happens.



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